Soul Spark: Creating is an act of healing

Creation is an act of healing Josette LeBlanc

What they don’t tell you in art class is that the act of creating is an act of healing (well, at least not when I was in school. I know my art therapy friends are doing amazing work to change this.) Instead, because of the way our school systems are set up, we start believing that creating requires talent and an exceptionally unique perspective. In other words, creation is synonymous with perfection and high expectations. The truth is you don’t need any of these. All you need is curiosity and a desire to express yourself. Just like when you were a kid.

Creating and making gives you the chance to get in touch with the wise, yet innocent part of yourself — the child within who didn’t worry if the lines were straight or if colors matched. When you were a kid, you created because it felt good. It was fun! And fun is healing.

But creating doesn’t only have to be fun to be healing. It can also feel flowing or chaotic. It’s a way to express all our emotions: joy, sadness, rage and everything in between. Creating reveals a part of ourselves that’s hard to see otherwise. When we connect to this, we’re closer to our soul’s voice. And our soul only wants us to feel good.

You don’t need to create for anyone but yourself. Write the words; splatter the paint; knot the stitch… and keep it a secret if you want to. You have permission to express yourself in all your messiness without the fear of anyone judging you.

So if you’re feeling stuck and need healing, take out your art supplies (or simple pen and paper), lock the door, and start creating. Your inner child — your link to your soul’s voice — has wisdom to share. Listen.

Let me know what you create! And if you feel challenged by this idea, let me know. Let’s work on it together.