Do you need life coaching or counselling?

Life coaching or counselling Josette LeBlanc

When I started questioning whether or not I wanted to continue down the path of English education, I couldn't figure out what was the next best step. I knew I wanted to do something to emotionally support people. Counselling or life coaching? To be honest, I couldn’t decide because I didn't really know the difference between the two. What I learned is what helped me decide:

Life coaching is focused on helping people achieve goals and go for their dreams. Quality coaches help you align your actions with your intentions. While past experiences do inform your goals — and during coaching sessions, some exploration of these experiences may trigger challenging emotions — this is part of the journey forward.

A therapist (or counsellor) is qualified to support you through trauma, depression, anxiety, and other emotional experiences that are threatening your quality of life. In this regard, a therapist helps you heal from past experiences.

So why get a self-love and soul coach like me? Because you've done all you can do and you're STILL hearing the inner critic above everything else — "You're not good enough. You need to try harder. Is that really the best you can do?”

And you're TIRED of this. You want to work on what you CAN do, and you need help. You want to trust what your intuition (or soul's voice) is saying instead. You'd work with me because I'll honor your past, but I won't keep you there. I'll help you move beyond your stress and overwhelm so you can finally find daily happiness and satisfaction.

I'm invested in seeing you achieve these because when we're happy and feel satisfied, we’re at peace. When we’re at peace, we're not making war. And there’s far too much war: between countries and within ourselves. I share this not to put added pressure, but to help you understand my line of thinking and what’s possible.

If you're also invested, let's set up a complimentary consultation. No pressure. Let's just find out if coaching might be right for you.