Soul Spark: Surrender your illusions.

Wild Unknown Tarot - Surrender - Josette LeBlanc

You want it all. And you should! But you want it all NOW. That, my dear, is where things get messy . What happens when you want it all now, is that you get overwhelmed. Am I right? You start trying to figure out want you need to do to make things happen. You try to think, analyze, and measure your way there.

But this calculating attempt to control the outcome is an illusion.

Your beautiful dream isn’t an illusion.

No. This is very real. But the story you’ve been sold about how you, and only you can make things happen, this is the illusion. The truth is that you’re in partnership with universal intelligence, and it’s by accepting this partnership that your dreams unfold.

A few ingredients for building the partnership:

  • Be persistent. Protect your dreams. Don’t give up on them.

  • Surrender. Once you’ve done all that’s in your power to make your dream come true, take a step back. Allow your divine partner to take the lead. This is its job. You take the steps and the Universe makes it happen.

  • Be patient. Stop looking at the clock. The Universe has its own timeline. You may think you have a better idea of when and how things should happen, but remember, that’s just the illusion.

Change is inevitable. Trust this universal truth. You’ve done your part. Now let the Universe do it what it does best. Let it support you.