12 Week Soul Coaching

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The 12 week Self-Love and Soul Coaching series is an invitation to rewrite the false story your inner critic has convinced you is true: the story of how you aren’t good enough or worthy of love.

As you know — because you’ve tried everything — there’s no quick-fix method to do this. This is why this coaching series lasts three months. In this time there’s space for subtle yet powerful shifts to happen.

Overcoming the obstacles (self-doubt, perfectionism, fear of what others think of you…) the inner critic has in put in the way of you living a soul-fulfilling life, requires dedication. But, my dear, you don’t have to do this alone. During these 12 weeks, I’ll be with you every step of the way, guiding you with:

  • Deep listening: always placing your feelings and needs at the center of our sessions together, and holding space for ANYTHING that arises.

  • Compassionate inquiry: asking questions from a place of genuine curiosity while always honoring your experience.

  • Intuitive sensing: paying attention to the energy that comes through your words and actions as a way to make sure you don’t fall for the inner critic’s sneaky traps. Because it’s damn sneaky, isn’t it?



  • Pre-coaching questionnaire: Before we meet for the complimentary consultation described below, I ask you to fill in a questionnaire (click HERE for the questionnaire). The consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, and see if we’re a good match for a coaching series. The questionnaire supports this process. The added bonus of the questionnaire is the revealing insight you can get from responding.

  • Complimentary 30-minute initial consultation: During this consultation, we explore your responses to the questionnaire, which reflect your intentions for the coaching series. While the consultation technically isn’t part of the coaching series, a great deal of awareness and understanding can be generated during this time and creates a valuable foundation if you decide to continue with the coaching series. This consultation is also a time for us to get to know each other and find out if we’re a good match.

  • Six bi-weekly 60-minute online sessions: For a period of three months, we’ll meet via Skype every two weeks for a total of six sessions. During this time we’ll dive deep, creating heart-centered goals and inspiring action steps that promise to move you where your soul wants you to go. See the “How Does a Session Roll Out” description below for details on these sessions.

  • Three-months of unlimited support between sessions:  A lot of growth and magic can happen between sessions. This is why I encourage you to contact me via email, or any other method we’ve agreed upon, to ask questions, share celebrations, and express challenges. And this is not a one-sided endeavour; I’ll also contact you during this time with my own personal insights if that’s something you’d appreciate.  

  • Additional resources as needed: During our sessions, you can expect me to draw upon my experience with and training in mindful self-compassion, compassionate communication, yoga, and awareness raising techniques. If required or requested, I’ll gladly provide worksheets, guided meditations, or other supportive resources.

YOUR INVESTMENT: 400$ US per month for 3 months

(or $1200 US up front)


How to secure your spot:

  • Click the above button to fill in the questionnaire.

  • Once you fill in the questionnaire, I’ll email you within 48 hours to schedule our online session.


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Josette’s intuition is key to her approach and is what makes her an incredible coach.

- Georgette LeBlanc




With your energy and desire always as the guiding light, I refer to basic guideposts throughout the series to ensure you maximize your potential for growth. However, in my many years of working with growth and transformation frameworks, I’ve learned that while they provide guidance and clarity, it’s just as important to know when to step away from them. This is why intuition — yours and mine — will always outshine the guideposts I mention below.

Session 1 - The aim of this session is to create goals that resonate with your soul’s desires. This is a chance for you to dive deep and dream big. Once the goals are set we’ll come up with action steps for you to take during the two weeks between our sessions. This can be an opportunity for you to get very clear about where you currently stand with the goal you’ve created. It’s on this awareness that we’re able to create a solid foundation for growth in Session 2.


Session 2 - Building on the insights and understanding you’ve gathered during the two weeks between sessions, we use this time to dream big, and potentially explore what’s holding you back. It’s in the dreaming that we start making our deepest desires real. We’ll come up with action steps for you to explore


Session 3, 4, 5 - With sessions always focused on what you’re learning between sessions, and how you’re feeling about the new awareness you’re gaining, these sessions continue to move you toward creating action steps that bring you closer to your heart-centered goals.


Session 6 - This session is all about looking back on the amazing work you’ve done in the last 3 months, celebrating the how far you’ve come, and looking forward to see where the new you is headed. If you’re a sensitive soul — like I’m quite sure you are — you might want to keep a box of tissues close by.



Kind Words

April Monique   Self-Love & Inner Healing Coach

April Monique

Self-Love & Inner Healing Coach

It’s important to me to work with people who are encouraging and compassionate while holding tremendous space for processing and accountability. Josette has a natural gift of doing just that. During the series, there were many changes that were so subtle I wasn’t completely aware of them until Josette pointed them out to celebrate my wins, small and big! After the series, I continued to shift my mindset and make changes that have stuck. I’ve removed so many of the patterns that were causing burnout and replaced them with fun, joyful, and self-compassionate practices.

Kirsty Clausen

Kirsty Clausen

Josette has a unique ability to blend head and heart in her coaching approach. Beginning the series with inquiry to pull out core goals, she quickly leans deeper and takes an intuitive approach to feel into what her client is really seeking guidance with. Now that the coaching series is done, I’m learning through evidence that following my heart and trusting my intuition is the best decision. I’m learning to feel the difference between a head decision (based on fear with a driving need for safety) and a heart decision (based on inner knowing/peace). I’ve also taken action to communicate with confidence and ease in a variety of situations, feeling more brave to allow my voice to be heard and not be overly concerned about what other people think or how they might react.


It’s time to live your soul’s life.


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