Social Media for the Soul

12-week 1:1 coaching series

Josette LeBlanc Social media Visibility

My dear, I see you…

struggling with fear and doubt when it comes to sharing your work, message, or passion project with the world. You know you need to share it on social media, but it just seems impossible to even get started.


You’d love to learn how to feel COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT when communicating about this online because…

  • your work or passion project is deeply important to you — it feels almost as if you were put on earth to do it — and you know so many people could benefit from it, OR

  • you want to see things change in the field you’re deeply passionate about and you know bringing awareness to this message could help.


But your fears and doubts get in the way.

  • you feel overwhelmed and intimidated just thinking of playing the social media game. Where would you even start? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… Too many options!

  • you doubt you have anything valuable to share. You have no idea what kind of content you could create, and even if you did, you doubt anyone would want to hear from you.

  • the thought of putting yourself on social media makes you feel like you’re standing in front of a crowd pointing fingers at yourself yelling, “LOOK AT ME!”

  • you worry about being ignored, judged, and criticized. People can be so mean online. It just doesn’t feel safe to put your ideas and opinions out there.

Josette LeBlanc Social Media

The feelings you’re feeling are no joke.

Trying to figure out the right way to do social media can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when you doubt yourself. It doesn’t have to feel this way though.

I thought I knew how to play the social media game, but quickly learned that what I thought was the RIGHT WAY to do social media wasn’t MY WAY. The approach I was using — trying to post engaging content every day at the right time; making sure my brand stood out — was draining. As a coach whose services thrive when I maintain a high level of energy, this wasn’t good for business. After posting, I’d often suffer from what Brené Brown calls vulnerability hangovers. It was exhausting. I needed to figure out a way to share my work that would create EASE and ENERGY.

By understanding what actually FELT RIGHT about social media, I was able to develop a strategy that gives my work the visibility it deserves while keeping me energized. From this experience, I created a 12-week one-on-one coaching program to help entrepreneurs integrate their own version of this strategy.

Here’s what sharing your work is going to feel like:

  • You feel confident putting your work in the world because you have evidence that YOU are meant to do this. No one else can be you, and no one else can do the work like you do.

  • You know WHEN (days and times of the month) and WHERE (social media platforms) you can share your work in a way that feels energizing and easeful. You also know the type of content (images, writing, videos…) that FEELS RIGHT and you share it with confidence.

  • You face your visibility fears with self-compassion and mindfulness.

  • You have strategies for dealing with shitty comments (if they happen) and know your social media boundaries.

  • You feel confident sharing your work AND you have a clear strategy for how to share your work in a way that’s in flow with your values and energy level.


Janis Doherty - Writer, speaker & teacher at  HERwithin

Janis Doherty - Writer, speaker & teacher at HERwithin

With the guidance of Josette, I set aside all the “shoulds” and started focusing on the “whats” that I needed answers to. We looked at social media from all sides, but what was most helpful for me, was looking at it from within. Throughout our sessions, I had revelations on a daily basis and gained a better understanding of where my messages were coming from. Was I posting out of fear or love? Was I posting what I SHOULD post or what I WANTED to post? With this clarity, during each session we created powerful action steps for awareness, engagement, and content.

Now, the power I feel when I’m creating my social media experience is represented in what I choose to share. My posts encompass my soul and the soul of my business.




  • Pre-coaching questionnaire: Before we meet for the complimentary consultation described below, I ask you to fill in a questionnaire (click HERE for the questionnaire). The consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, and see if we’re a good match for a coaching series. The questionnaire supports this process. The added bonus of the questionnaire is the revealing insight you can get from responding.

  • Complimentary 30-minute initial consultation: During this consultation, we explore your responses to the questionnaire, which reflect your intentions for the coaching series. While the consultation technically isn’t part of the coaching series, a great deal of awareness and understanding can be generated during this time and creates a valuable foundation if you decide to continue with the coaching series. This consultation is also a time for us to get to know each other and find out if we’re a good match.

  • Six 60-minute online sessions: For a period of twelve weeks, we’ll meet via Skype every two weeks for a total of six online sessions. During this time we’ll dive deep, creating heart-centered goals and inspiring action steps that promise to move you where your soul wants you to go.

  • Twelve weeks of unlimited support between sessions:  A lot of growth and magic can happen between sessions. This is why I encourage you to contact me via the voice messaging system we’ll set up (either Voxer or Facebook Messenger), email, or any other method we’ve agreed upon. Here you’ll ask questions, share celebrations, and express challenges. And this is not a one-sided deal; I’ll also contact you during this time with my own personal insights if that’s something you’d appreciate.  

  • Additional resources as needed

YOUR INVESTMENT: 400$ US per month for 3 months

(or $1200 US up front)


If you’re still unsure, and want to try things out first, I highly recommend joining my free 30 Days of Visibility challenge. This was a successful community challenge that ran in the summer of 2019, but is now open as a self-paced challenge. Visit the #30daysofvisibility hashtag to get an idea of how much growth we made… and are still making! The challenge is still going on!


The main goal of this challenge is for you to START feeling comfortable and confident about putting your work, message, or passion project in the public eye via social media. The next goal is for PEOPLE TO GET TO KNOW you and your work, message, or passion project.

This challenge is based on the premise that in order to achieve both these aims, you need to use social media in a way that brings you ENERGY and FLOW. When you’re ENERGIZED and IN FLOW, this is when you can authentically connect to your audience. This is when THEY can authentically connect to you.

You can get more details by clicking HERE.




* This is a safe space for women identifying people.