Soul Work & Confidence


Coaching and consultations to help you find the confidence you need to follow through on the work you feel called to do.



(1 hour)

Josette LeBlanc Soul Work

By the end of our hour together, you’ll be ready to take the next steps toward putting your work out in the world, and if you don’t know what that work is yet, you’ll have deeper clarity on your soul purpose.

This one-hour one-on-one Soul Work Consultation is a great option if you’d like the benefit of coaching, but aren’t ready to commit to a 12-week coaching series.


(12-week, 1:1 coaching)

Josette LeBlanc phone

The 12-week Social Media for the Soul coaching series is the right choice for you if you’re a woman who struggles with fear and doubt when it comes to sharing your work, message, or passion project with the world. You know you need to share it on social media, but it just seems impossible to even get started.

The aim of this one-on-one coaching series is to help learn how to feel comfortable with being visible, while building your confidence at the same time.


Soul to Soul Coaching & Consultations


Coaching to help you trust what your soul wants you to know.



(45 minutes)

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The intention of the Soul-Seeker Session is to amplify your intuition — or what I like to call, your soul’s voice. With a particular issue in your life right now, your soul’s voice may be more of a soul’s whisper, and you need some support to hear it more clearly. This is what I’m here to help you tap into.


(12 week, 1:1 Coaching)

Josette LeBlanc Coaching

The 12-week Soul Coaching Series is the right choice for you if A) you’re tired of listening to your inner critic, and B) you’re ready to do the deep work to truly live the life your soul is asking you to live.

This one-on-one coaching series offers a subtle yet profound realignment of your mind, body, and soul. During our time together, you’ll learn to love and appreciate yourself in ways that awaken your sense of self-trust so that you can take actions that align with your soul’s truth.