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Hey! I’m Josette. I help women feel confident and clear about putting their work out in the world.



Are you tired of staying small, striving for perfection, and doubting everything you do?

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My dear, you’re in the right place. I’m here to help you learn to trust your intuition through self-love, so you can live the life your soul craves. Because I believe that when heart-centered women like you love themselves, amazing shifts can happen not only at home, but in the world too.

Let’s get to know each other better.


“Josette is encouraging and compassionate, and has a natural gift for holding tremendous space for processing and accountability.”

April Monique

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Georgette LeBlanc   Poet / Writer (2018-2019 Parliamentary Poet Laureate - Canada)

Georgette LeBlanc

Poet / Writer (2018-2019 Parliamentary Poet Laureate - Canada)

Making the decision to work with Josette was the first immediate, intuitive decision I’d made in years. What helped me decide to work with her was her very calm, spirited, and proactive way of listening. Josette’s positive energy was inspiring, and it felt life affirming. When I started working with her, I was struggling with myself. I was feeling very confused and frustrated about my artistic goals and process.

I feel a much greater sense of peace with myself – a regain of trust with my own intuition – something I felt I’d lost.



What crystallized for me after the first session is that I'm driven by what my soul wants, not material things.

Living my soul's purpose, having conviction, and honoring my body's needs felt like large ideas, and I have to admit, I was wondering whether I was going to be able to achieve them in just 12 weeks of coaching. One thing I've learned is a simple change of habit, a simple change of beliefs about something or someone, even a simple change in what I appreciate can have large effects. I want to thank Josette for tracking my progress with care. I learned so many truths through our time together. 

Kulsoom Karakoç   High School English Teacher

Kulsoom Karakoç

High School English Teacher


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