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You doubt yourself BIG TIME. You try to fool yourself into believing your perfectionistic tendencies will help you, but you know they’re not getting you anywhere. You feel like a fraud (a.k.a. imposter syndrome), and you’re sure everyone thinks that too.

You don’t know how to even get started. You’re stuck trying to figure out the next best steps. And to be brutally honest, you’re wondering if it’s even worth trying.

You’re overwhelmed by it all. Creating kickass content, organizing your ideas in a way that makes sense, and sharing all this online? Uhmmm… I see you doing those dirty dishes instead.


You’re SO tired of feeling this way. You just wish there was some kind of magic confidence pill. Something to help you trust your decisions and help you get to where you want to be:

doing the work you love &

sharing it with the world

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Hey, I’m Josette, and I totally feel you. Those imposter syndrome gremlins are real!

Before becoming a full-time coach and consultant, I was a language teacher-educator. And despite all my qualifications and the positive feedback, I spent most of that career doubting my skills and not believing in my competence. Like so many women out there, my lack of confidence ruled the show. But everything changed once I learned this basic truth:


Confidence comes from evidence.


And this is the truth that comes through all my services, including Social Media for the Soul (link coming soon). This online group coaching program is designed to not only help you feel confident about your ability to share your soul work online but also to help you feel confident about yourself. 

And while I can’t give you a magic confidence pill, I’m here to help you discover the next best thing:

the evidence that you already have the confidence you desire.

You just need a little support to help you uncover it.  


To you, confidence looks like…


Making decisions without constantly second-guessing yourself. You share your social media posts or launch courses when you’re 80% ready rather than the 150% you usually aim for. And when you DO share, you don’t worry as much about what others think. 

Being curious about the unknown, understanding your goals, AND having strategies that are in line with your vision. No more finger biting and sleepless nights! You might even embrace failure! You trust that each step you take is valuable and will get you closer to doing the work you love.

Creating and organizing content that YOU feel happy with. You understand AND appreciate YOUR unique approach to sharing. You feel a sense of ease and energy when sharing your soul work online.


THIS is the evidence you need to feel confident.

THIS is the evidence I can help you get.


I know it isn’t easy. Trust me. I’m STILL learning.

But confidence comes WAY easier than before. For years, I thought I had to hustle to prove my worth. I’d spend hours planning the perfect lessons and presentations. Losing sleep was better than setting myself up for failure. Then, when I actually did the lesson or workshop, it was never good enough. I’d rack my brain, and lose sleep wondering:

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Why the hell did I say that?!

And if I ever received negative feedback? Watch out! I was on the shame train for weeks. 


It got so bad, that one day in front of a class of teacher-trainees (ie: my peers), I had an anxiety attack. With sweaty palms and a racing heart, I left the classroom gasping for air. I wasn’t able to finish that lesson or the others on that day. I went home and sobbed in my pillow. That was it. I needed help. 

I no longer wanted outside validation or another certificate to prove I was good enough. I needed evidence that I had everything I needed already. I needed to know I could trust myself.


So I dug in deep. I took a hard look at my limiting beliefs, and an honest inventory of my skills and strengths. Then, through the alchemical reaction of the energy work I’d done over the years, and a community-supported exploration of my personal connection to divine feminine principles, I finally had the evidence I needed. And with this evidence, I surrendered control and made one of the most difficult, yet deeply soul-aligned decisions I’ve had to make so far:  


I quit my 12-year career to follow my dream of helping women like you share their soul work with the world.

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But before we get into what qualifies me to help you shine, my soul wants to share a few things.


If your soul and my soul were having lunch during weekend retreat, these are the juicy tidbits they’d talk about…


Acadian French is my mother tongue. So if you ever hear me speaking a mixture of French and English, sprinkled with words from the Miꞌkmaq language and old world French — especially in Facebook and Instagram videos with my little one — that’s what it is. 

Deciding to have a kid at 40-years-old was another decision that was possible thanks to the evidence I’d gathered. This was also the same year I quit my job. So I became a mom and started my own business in the same year. 

Korea is the land of my muse (ahem… and my husband. These may or may not be related). Except for the fact that I’ve been living here since 2005 and I still speak survival Korean, this country has been a source of awakening, creativity, and inspired action.


Ok, now back to why I‘m ready to help you.

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Why am I so passionate about helping you share your soul work?


Call me a dreamer — I’ll take it as a compliment if you do — but

I believe that when women fully step into their soul calling, powerful shifts happen in their homes, communities, and the world.

I want to do my part to help make that happen.

Through my own experience, and having observed the effects of fear and doubt in most of the 500 teachers I’ve trained over the years, there are a few things I know for sure about managing imposter syndrome. To gather evidence that you already ARE the courageous and confident woman you want to be, it’s important to:


Be able to reflect with compassion on your past experiences so you can integrate the skills, knowledge, and awareness you’ve gathered into your current reality.

Learn to trust your intuition so that you ultimately learn to trust yourself. When you can do this, nothing can knock you down. This is also connected to learning to surrender control. To trust your intuition, is to trust the outcome no matter what it is.

Practice patience. There’s no quick fix to imposter syndrome. In fact, you’ll probably live with it your whole life. But, you CAN learn to manage the gremlins so they don’t rule you anymore. This comes easier when you connect with a community of like-minded women. There’s great power in knowing you aren’t alone on the journey.

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To help you on this path to courage and confidence, here’s the eclectic mix of skills I’ve integrated into my coaching:

  • A love of cheering on dreamers and doers combined with an unrelenting faith in the magic and power women bring to the world. I created the 30 Days of Visibility social media challenge based on this passion.

  • A firm belief that “soft skills”, such as empathy and intuition, are the most powerful skills a person can have. So I’m mega dedicated to building those muscles through meditation, contemplation, and embodiment practices.

  • A knack for making self-reflection deeply insightful and for making receiving feedback feel less crappy (ie: dealing with those comments you’re dreading) — and even something you look forward to.

  • A natural ability to create and maintain thriving communities of learning. If a community doesn’t exist and I believe it needs to, I build it. 

  • An ability to break down complex topics to make them approachable and digestible. A friend once labeled me an “architect of learning”, and so I’m here to help you become the architect of your services and social media.

  • A passion for social media which comes from a 14-year dependence on it to connect with family, friends, and colleagues from around the world, combined with a lifelong love affair with technology (I was the 6-year-old kid who helped my dad figure out the VCR), and my status as the Queen of Great Big Wide Open Sharingness (dubbed this by a different friend who’s always been impressed by my ability to express myself on social media). Bottom line, I embrace the internet, and I’m ready to help you feel the same way. 

Josette.Are you kidding.jpg

Whoa, those gremlins made that hard to write.

If you want to read more about what they REALLY wanted you to know, scroll to the end.


So whether you need:

  • to kick imposter syndrome to the curb so you can spend more time with your pals courage and confidence…

  • practical and energetically aligned approaches to social media visibility and/or…

  • to wrangle all your brilliant ideas to create a visionary course or workshop that will leave clients wanting more…

… then LET’S DO THIS! Let’s make your soul work shine.

Hailey Tallman    Creativity Coach & Art Therapist

Hailey Tallman

Creativity Coach & Art Therapist

Before choosing Josette as my coach, I was feeling lost, unfocused, with one dream in my mind but no idea as to how to approach it. I felt Josette had my back every step of the way.

The results of our time together are a clearer, more confident me, several miles along the road to my new career. 


Carla Grundison    Energy Practitioner and Healer at Energy Continuum Healing

Carla Grundison

Energy Practitioner and Healer at Energy Continuum Healing

I feel so truly excited about my project now. I know I’m on the right track. Knowing — and really feeling — that she “gets” that the work I’m doing is so close to my heart was exactly what I needed.

Josette helped me rein in all my ideas and made it so much easier to focus and keep going. I feel like a great weight was lifted!





If your imposter syndrome and my imposter syndrome were having lunch during a weekend retreat, these are the certificates they’d talk about:

Josette LeBlanc Heart

* Certified Life Coach from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy

* Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher (in training) from the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion

* Yoga teacher training (288 hours)

* Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages(TESOL)

*Licensed SIT TESOL Teacher Trainer

* Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Criminology



Gratitude notes

Much gratitude and love to these beautiful souls who clearly understood my vision for this website:


Courtney Dolloff Eliseo from En Route Workshop for the bang-on branding

Charlene Dela Cruz from Veintitres Photography who understood my roots and was able to capture them in my hometown of Clare, Nova Scotia, Canada

Erin Hilburn who is an amazing jewelry artist and also wonderfully captured my playful side on the streets of Daegu, South Korea