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Hell no.

You’re smart, resourceful, and you get shit done. And to live this life, you know you “should” start listening to your intuition and stop listening to your inner critic. So what GIVES? You’re more than willing to DO THE WORK, but it feels like such a struggle.

It’s not easy to trust your intuition, right? Sometimes you get in your own way — or really, your inner critic gets in your way — and you need a little more support to break through. This is okay and totally normal.


My dear, I see you and I’m here to help.  

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I’m Josette, and if this is the first time we meet, here’s a bit about me. I’m a certified life coach and an experienced teacher of teachers with an MA in Teaching (can you tell I have a thing for teaching?). I also have a background in compassionate communication.

One of my passions is to create and facilitate safe spaces where people can explore their deepest truth. This involves reflecting on both challenging and joy-making experiences. I do this in my coaching, in the sacred circles and workshops I hold, and the Facebook group I manage. It’s also something I did for 8 years as a teacher educator.  

I also create this space for myself. I’m committed to looking at the fun and not so fun stuff that comes up in my meditations, journaling, and tarot card spreads because this is how I connect with my soul’s voice (intuition) and keep my inner critic at bay. My personal practice is as important — if not more — than a lot of my training because in my 13 years of digging deep, I’ve learned this is where the most powerful growth happens.

So yeah, I’ve been in a place similar to where you are right now… that place where you can see there’s a more satisfying way to live, but because your inner critic is running the show, the idea of taking the leap freaks you out. I totally get it. I also know that, when you’re ready, it’ll be safe to jump. That’s why I’m committed to doing this work.

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I started coaching…

  • WOMEN* because I want to do my best to bring more love into the world, and I believe women are in a unique position to do this. I also believe it’s impossible to generate love when we don’t love ourselves. It’s hard to love ourselves when it feels like everything is working against us. And let’s face it, a lot IS working against us. When you consider our shared history with oppressive systems and the crappy expectations put on women, it’s no wonder we’ve lost love for ourselves! So to help you see that YOU DESERVE LOVE, I do this work.

  • HEART-CENTERED WOMEN because I’ve learned that with our big hearts and our desire for spiritual clarity, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the strong emotions we feel. This can cause us to second-guess ourselves, and this second-guessing is fertile soil for the inner critic to take root. I strongly feel that THE INNER CRITIC ISN’T THE BOSS OF YOU; your soul is, and it’s my mission to help you feel this too.

  • HIGH-ACHIEVING, HEART-CENTERED WOMEN because I see the great work you’re doing. You do SO MUCH in your community, at work, at home, and with your friends and family. You’re focused and determined to do quality work. It’s the way you’re wired. But I also see how hard you are on yourself. With all that you do, you still think it’s not enough. I’m here to help you understand, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

*GENTLE NOTE: When I use “women”, I refer to people who identify as women.

I’m so grateful to be able to say I’ve helped a number of these women take the leap into a more loving way to live.

Rashmi Kousik   Faculty at Highline College

Rashmi Kousik

Faculty at Highline College

When we first connected for coaching, I was in a very depressed place in my life. My goals were to shift away from negative self-talk around my body and to engage in activities that would help me reconnect to my inner power and strength. My time with Josette lit a fire inside me to take better care of myself. The biggest change I've seen in myself is my ability to tune in and listen to my intuition in a way that felt disconnected before. I hear myself. I can feel it in my body when I make choices that benefit me, and I can also feel it when I’m straying away from what feels right. This helps me be more patient in my regular life, and more generous and kind in the world because I am staying in line with my integrity around my health and well-being.

Jackie Lambert   Heal Your Life Coach

Jackie Lambert

Heal Your Life Coach

As soon as Josette and I met, she got me, and I knew our coaching series was going to be life changing. I really wanted to create a life I loved and I wasn’t sure what that meant or looked like to me. As the coaching series progressed, I learned and discovered so much about myself. I felt more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I even painted a nude self-portrait to really embody self-love. That was a huge thing for me! I learned that actions that seemed so daunting in the beginning flow when you’re aligned with your path and purpose.  I’m so grateful to Josette for her compassion, understanding, guidance, wisdom and unwavering loving support.



Working with me, you’ll experience:

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  • A good blend of silly and serious… Years of teaching at the university level has helped me appreciate the importance of professionalism, but it’s also shown me the danger of being too rigid (see my anxiety attack story in the “10 facts about me” section below). I used to think that to be taken seriously, I had to BE serious. Turns out all I need to do is be myself. And that means no holding back on the expressionate me. I hope that when we work together, we’ll spend as much time giggling and belly laughing as we do digging deep. Because if there’s anything I’ve learned in my years of being serious, it’s that there’s nothing quite as healing as being able to laugh at yourself.  

  • A mix of practical and magical… My approach to coaching and facilitating safe spaces is grounded in my academic knowledge and hands-on implementation of experiential learning theory. This means I intuitively encourage you to reflect on your experiences and guide you to integrate what you learn from them into your current reality. From this understanding, you can create goals that serve your heart and soul. But you should also know that I value goal-setting as much as I value surrendering outcomes to the Universe. I believe there’s a sweet spot between taking action and letting mystery take the lead. When we do this, we open ourselves up to some of the most inspirational and transformative insights.

  • The wisdom of your emotions and body… Through my personal practice and training in Mindful Self-Compassion, yoga, and Nonviolent Communication I’ve learned the importance of honoring what you feel. Your intuition speaks to you through sensations and emotions. When you develop a relationship with your body and expand your vocabulary of emotions, you create an opportunity to pay attention to and act on your intuition. This is something we’ll work on together.

  • Acknowledgment of language and culture… In the complex landscape of language and culture, opportunity for miscommunication is boundless! My experience and *education have given me a unique appreciation for how our language affects the way we approach the world. I’m curious about how language and the cultural framework accompanying it shapes us all. As an Acadian from Nova Scotia, Canada, I’ve harbored a sense of inferiority for not sounding “French” enough. I’ve also felt grateful for being able to communicate with so many different people because I’m bilingual. And life in Korea has given me insight into my cultural identity in a way I don’t think I could have gained if I’d stayed in Canada. Teaching English in Korea has also shown me the privilege that comes with being an English speaker. So many people around the world struggle to learn this language because of its perceived relationship to a higher standard of living. I share this information so you know that this is why I do my best to honor your cultural and linguistic background.

    *Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from the School for International Training in Vermont, USA


10 facts about me

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  1. When I completed my Criminology/Sociology undergraduate degree, if you had told me that five years later I’d move to South Korea ALONE, fall in love with teaching, and meet the man I’d eventually marry and have a child with, I would have asked you what drugs you were on. And it’s not because I had anything against Korea. It’s because I had NO IDEA about Korea. I may have been able to find it on a map, but that was about it. I was definitely geographically and culturally ignorant. I’m so grateful I stepped outside the comfort of my own culture. I’ve learned and grown so much. Sometimes I still can’t believe the way things worked out. It’s just proof that when I surrender outcomes, magic happens.  

  2. So why South Korea (no, not North Korea)? After a few failed attempts at finding work in my field, I thought teaching might be worth trying. I had also caught the travel bug. Then, a string of “coincidences” led me to find an English teaching position in Daegu, and from here it felt like everything fell into place. PS. I don’t believe in coincidences.

  3. I love writing. Whether it’s for Instagram or my blog, when I write, time stops. If my energy is zapped, all I need to do is write, and everything is right in the world again.

  4. I knew it was time to quit teaching when I realized how much I resented having to teach grammar and vocabulary. Yikes. This was 80% of my job description! While part of my job was to help students learn how to teach, the main focus was to support them in improving their English language skills so they could become confident English teachers. Deep down I knew I’d be much happier leading classes on self-actualization. This wasn’t part of my job description, and so after a looooong hard look, I took the leap and quit.

  5. When I’m having a down day, and I need to chill, nothing comforts me more than a plate of cheese and crackers, a glass of red wine (or three), and binging on Star Trek. I’m partial to The Next Generation (Picard is my guy), but any iteration of the original series will do.

  6. I’ve been coaching for years and finally decided to make it official by becoming a certified life coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA). Part of my role as a teacher-trainer was to facilitate feedback sessions with the experienced teachers who came to our in-service training program. I’ve led such sessions with over 500 of these adult learners, guiding them to explore their teaching successes and challenges. My training with BYCA gave me the extra support I needed to take coaching out of the classroom and into my personal business.

  7. I used to be obsessed with fire spinning. My performance partner and I once made $300 busking at a jazz festival. And ever the archetypal teacher, I even taught fire spinning classes in my old high school gym… minus the fire of course.

  8. My interest in crystals started in a Macy’s dressing room. Waiting for my mom to finish trying on clothes, I looked down and found a small dark green stone. On any other day, I would have thought this was cool and wouldn’t have thought much more of it. But I had just spent part of the day at a crystal shop, fascinated with the meaning of crystals. I had never done this before. So I went back to the shop to ask about the stone, and what it may have meant to find it the way I did. The owner determined it was a bloodstone, and explained that finding it this way meant the crystal actually wanted to find me. Looking at the meaning behind this stone, and the timing of this experience, it’s easy to see why I’ve been fascinated with crystal energy ever since.

  9. I’m the voice in various elevators and automated answering services all over Asia. If everything works out, I’m also the voice of the new subway extension in Daegu, South Korea (where I’ve lived since 2005). That last one was a secret fantasy of mine.

  10. In 2013, I realized I had to get a grip on my feelings of stress and overwhelm when I had an anxiety attack in front of my teacher-trainees. It wasn’t an easy wake-up call. But this forced me to admit it was time to start doing the work of loving myself. This was when I really began unpacking my limiting beliefs and looked at all the ways I was trying to validate my worth by overworking.

    And this, my dear, is what I’m here to help you do too.

    If you’re ready to let go of those limiting beliefs the inner critic has you believing, click the button below to find out how I can help.


Gratitude Notes


Much gratitude and love to these beautiful souls who clearly understood my vision for this website:

  • Courtney Dolloff Eliseo from En Route Workshop for the bang-on branding

  • Erin Hilburn who is an amazing jewelry artist and also wonderfully captured my playful side on the streets of Daegu, South Korea

  • Charlene Dela Cruz from Veintitres Photography who understood my roots and was able to capture them in my hometown of Clare, Nova Scotia, Canada