What’s the language of your reality?

Do you think the language you use influences your reality, or do you think reality has nothing to do with language? This has been a topic of debate between linguists. The theory of linguistic relativity maintains that language influences thought, and as a result, how a person makes sense of their world. The other camp believes reality isn’t determined by the limits of our language.

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What do Brad Pitt, binge eating, and feelings have in common?

What’s your weakness? Ice cream, Netflix, wine, Instagram, or the S-Town podcast? Mine is potato chips: ahh, that crispy, salty, greasy goodness. Omitting a few enlightened exceptions such as the Dalai Lama, — who I highly doubt is bingeing on sour cream and onion chips and the latest Orange is the New Black — we’ve all engaged in some kind of binge behavior. Why do we do this?

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Highly sensitive or an empath? Not sure, but I can’t watch that show

Are you an empath or a highly sensitive person?

When I first saw this question popping up all over the internet, I was thrilled. Finally, I’d be able to label myself and make sense of it all. Finally, I could figure out why some things bother me so much. Why can’t I watch popular shows like Breaking Bad or The Wire, or documentaries like India’s Daughter? Why do I avoid watching the evening news?

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