How to use your emotions to shift your energy

Josette LeBlanc Intense emotion

Emotions are the expression of energy. If you’re excited, energy is flowing through you at a fast pace causing your heart to palpitate. The excitement may conjure vivid images or thoughts of the event you’re anticipating, and bring a smile to your face.

But if you’re overwhelmed, it means energy is getting clogged. Too many things are piling up and energy gets stuck in your body. When you feel this way, you can’t make clear decisions and you may start feeling extra emotions of stress and anxiety. 

Understanding your emotions can help you understand your energy. And understanding your energy gives you the awareness you need to make decisions to shift it. For example, if you notice you feel confused about something, simply making that observation is the first step. Without asking why you feel that way (because trying to find the reason why often takes us to places that aren’t so useful),  you can start to visualize what the energy of confusion looks like. To me it looks like a pile of paper scattered all over the floor. So this means my energy is scattered. 

With this awareness, now I can take the next step to shift this energy. I can ask myself, “What can I do to bring order to my confusion?” Well, the opposite of confusion is organization, so this means I need to organize “the scattered papers.” Journaling usually helps me get organized, so I simply write down everything that’s causing confusion, and I start making sense of it. Sometimes that looks like a list of actions I can start taking. And sometimes it looks like contemplating the importance of an item on the list and deciding to cross it out. My journaling may help me discover it wasn’t that important anyway.

During the free 30 Days of Visibility challenge I’ll be hosting from July 31 to August 29, and during the Energy Restoration Workshop I’ll be facilitating on July 21, we’ll observe our emotions (especially the emotions of overwhelm, anxiety, and stress), and take concrete actions to shift our energy in a way that it can flow and expand. If this is something you’re interested in shifting, please join me at either or both of these events!


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