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*Scroll down for information on my website launch bonus, which will be available from February 13 to February 26, 2019.

The Soul-Seeker Session was designed to help you pay attention to your soul’s voice (intuition) in relation to a particular challenge you’re facing at the moment. By the end of the one-hour session, we’ll come up with actionable steps that honor your soul so you can face this challenge with ease and confidence.

The Soul-Seeker Session is a result of a combination of three things:

  1. observing how the women in my Facebook group, The IN Crowd, gain deep intuitive clarity during our weekly tarot card explorations;

  2. learning that some some of women need extra support in intuitively understanding the message behind the cards;

  3. knowing how much they’d gain if I added my coaching skills to the mix.

So maybe you want confirmation that a decision you’ve made is the right one, or maybe you want clarity on an issue that feels unclear. Perhaps you need extra support in taking the next best step and would love someone to guide you on that path. The Soul-Seeker Session addresses all these needs in the safest and most supportive way possible.



  • Pre-session questionnaire (click HERE for the questionnaire) - Your answers to this short questionnaire gives me the information I need to fully support you and create your personalized tarot spread.

  • Personalized card spread based on your response to the questionnaire. I create this spread with your unique needs and desires in mind. I email this beautifully designed spread to you before our call so you can get a basic idea of how our session could go. Scroll down to see an example of a spread.

  • One 60-minute 1:1 online call - This is where the greatest value comes through. During this hour, I become your *guide, gently supporting you in revealing what your soul’s voice is trying to express. By the end of the session, you’ll have actionable steps to take after the session to help you approach your challenge from a place of strength.

  • Follow up email for added support. This can support you in following through with your action steps, and it’s also an opportunity for you to ask follow up questions on the insight you’ve gained.

  • WEBSITE LAUNCH BONUS: To celebrate the launching of my website, which is also the launching of my coaching business, I’m gifting a bonus oracle reading to anyone who participates in a Soul-Seeker Session during the launch period (February 13 to February 26, 2019). Drawing on the relationship we’ve built during the Soul-Seeker Session, I’ll pull cards from one of my many oracle decks, and intuitively interpret the messages they have for you. I’ll email the audio interpretation a week after our session. This reading is valued at $33, but the true value is in the added insight and inspiration you’ll receive. Book a session now to enjoy this celebratory bonus!

A Soul-Seeker Session isn't about predicting the future. It's about intuitively exploring your current reality. It also isn't a traditional tarot reading where I interpret the cards and do most of the talking. During this session, consider me as your guide, helping you see what the cards are saying. My job is to ask questions, listen to what you're saying (and even not saying), and gently guide you to where the cards might be pointing. 



How to secure your spot:

  • Click the above button to fill in the questionnaire.

  • Once you fill in the questionnaire, I’ll email you within 48 hours to schedule our online session.


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If you’re a detail person and like to understand the specifics of a process, below is an example of a Soul-Seeker session I did with Kristina Eisenhower. Through her process, you'll get an idea of the value this session can bring to you.

CREATIVE ABUNDANCE Spread.Josette LeBlanc.jpg

Before we meet, I ask you to fill in a questionnaire. Your response helps me understand what you’re looking for out of the session, and also gives me the information I need to create and design a personalized spread. I email this spread to you as soon as possible. It could be the day of the session or a few days before.

This is the spread I created based on Kristina's response. She expressed feeling challenged by how to link her existing skills, and her soul's desires, to the world at large. This is why I chose these descriptors for each card her personalized spread.


Then, just before our meeting time, I pull the cards, take a picture, and email you this picture.

About 30 minutes before our session, I meditated on Kristina's responses, and pulled cards for each section of the spread. I emailed her this picture before the call. Then during our video call, we discussed how the images and titles related to each descriptor in the spread.

Throughout the session, I ask intuition driven questions based on the cards to help you understand what your soul is trying to say. 

This is what Kristina had to say about the experience...

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When I decided to do a Soul-Seeker Session, I was struggling with the fear and vulnerability of putting myself “out there”, wanting to create a yoga-based (mind, body, spirit) business that offers a kaleidoscope of healing arts. The insight that Josette had was incredible! The insights I received about myself came through as limiting beliefs that have restricted my actions and self-expression. After this session, I feel more open, outreaching, and desirous of honoring the light in me and the light in others. The alignment, applicability, and companionship throughout the session was truly unique, and the little extras (action steps & crystals) were great gifts of motivation and encouragement to continue to seek what my soul needs!  

Kristina Eisenhower, RYT 200 Yoga Teacher 



Soul-Seeker Appreciation

Ellen Greenberg   Educator

Ellen Greenberg


My Soul-Seeker Session was thought provoking and helped me tune into some stuff that I had been avoiding. Josette's gentle guidance was invaluable as she helped me tap into my own voice.

Leonie Overbeek   Philosopher

Leonie Overbeek


I was drawn to the Soul-Seeker Session because I needed affirmation about my thoughts for my PhD in Environmental Philosophy. The session helped me realise that I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, and that I can trust in my intuition and ability. I also got affirmation that my message is one that resonates.



Your soul is seeking you.


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